How do I get rid of my hiccups? Had them for the past 2 hours! Tried water and inhaling deeply...etc ... what else?


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Other ways include pulling your tongue really hard or biting on a lemon Or try increasing the CO2 levels in the bloodstream by inhaling a lot and exhaling a little bit. If this does not work trying stretching your diaphragm. If none of these work just wait it out.

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I try holding my breath for a while. But not to the point where it starts to hurt. If it goes that far, then I stop and take some air in. Erm...hope it helps?!  (8

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Some popular ways for getting rid of hiccups are:

1. Trying to control your breathing in such a way that it suppresses hiccups can help.

2. Imagine breathing in a figure-8. Sounds complicated to me!

3. Try to stretch your diaphragm.

4.  Here's a wacky suggestion I found on WikiHow:

"Inhale and exhale once slowly. As you exhale, push as much air out as possible (until your body forces you to inhale again). Then, inhale deeply and stick out your tongue. Hold your breath and your nose for 40 seconds with your fingers in your ears."

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