If someone's knees hurt after a one-week walking regimen, which one of the following suggestions is most appropriate? A, Switch to anaerobic exercise. B. Jog in a swimming pool. C. Wear different shoes. D. Take a week's rest from exercise


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If someone's knees hurt after a one-week walking regimen, then Answer B is the answer I would give them - jogging in a swimming pool.

Wearing different shoes might be the solution for preventing a knee injury if shoes are proven to be a cause. But simply changing shoes and continuing to jog after an injury is not correct.

Instead, jogging in a swimming pool seems like the appropriate suggestion for someone who injures their knee on a running regime.

The water offers support by taking some of the weight off the knee and the joint, and yet still allows you to perform activities that build muscle around the knee, create more support in the long-run too.

Aqua-jogging is the term often used for jogging in a swimming pool, and it's an ever more popular fitness exercise, whether you have sustained a knee injury or not!

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It's likely your body is ill-equipped to handle the training load that you're giving it. May I ask if you are significantly overweight? If you are, then it's very likely that this is going to negatively impact the ability of your body to recover (especially in your joints) from even moderate exercise (such as walking everyday).

It may also be your shoes and workout equipment in general. I have a review on my website ofthe best overall crossfit shoes this year that are great for a variety of physical fitness activity, which may help alleviate your issues!

Other than that, I would say just monitor your diet and exercise routine so that you lose weight and get in shape slowly. Over time, your body will adapt to the increased workload and you'll feel better physically and mentally from this situation!

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