What Causes A Swollen And Irritated Clitoris?


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There could be a hundred and one reasons for a swollen clitoris, ranging from a hair inside the tiny hole at the top to fungal or bacterial infections; from injury or allergies to the build up of fluid due to a blockage in the natural lubrication system.

  • Hair
As it seems, having a hair stuck is a fairly common cause of this problem. Taking a closer look, if necessary with a magnifying glass should easily reveal the culprit. Removing it should bring relief very quickly.

  • Injury or Trauma
Sometimes a little over enthusiasm during foreplay or masturbation can lead to trauma. A careless move or a long fingernail cold easily cause a scratch ot slight cut, too. As it is tucked away from fresh air that would help it to heal, it may take a day or two to recover.

Tight underwear or trousers can also cause friction that may irritate this sensitive area. In addition, they put the clothing in such close contact that an allergy to washing powder etc may result. Excessive use of soap may also cause an irritation.

  • Bartholomew's Cyst
This is a small cyst caused by the gland responsible for the secretion of the natural lubrication fluid being blocked. While they often disappear on their own after a while, they may become very painful and it may be best to see a doctor.

  • Bacterial and Fungal Infections
While these sometimes do ease off on their own eventually, they may also cause more serious problems if left untreated. If symptoms persist for more than a couple of days, or seem to be getting worse or spreading, it is definitely time to seek proper medical advice.

In the meantime, a soak in some warm water with a few drops of lavender essential oil will help to soothe the area.
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I know this may sound weird but look for a hair in your LITTLE hole towards the top. If that's not it go to your doctor.
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Clitoris can be swollen or irritated for a plethora of reasons but the common ones are, infection, like candida albicans or any other fungal infection, bacterial vaginosis, physical trauma,and allergy from the materials in underwears or soaps... Etc...
You can have it checked by a gynacologist , but you can also try alternative medicine like a sugar and yeast  free diet  if you have white cottage cheese like discharge and also eat a lot of garlic and onion daily and incorporate a cup of yogurt in your diet.
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Lots of things can cause pain and swelling of a clitoris - just like other parts of the body.  Poison ivy, trauma from blunt force or abrasion,  heat, clit pumps, celluitis, etc.  This is the kind of thing a physician should be able to help with.  Making a clitoris swell is one of my favorite pastimes but I would be alarmed if it were painful or if it persisted for more than an hour.
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You can get something called a bartholamews cyst, its where a gland that secretes the natural lubrication gets blocked and a cyst forms. They usually go on their own and in their own time but if it's sore you can go to the doctors and after they've checked it out they can give you some cream. Good Luck!
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I have had that happen to me 2x in my lifetime. The first time I never figured out what was wrong, and it went away after about a day. The 2nd time was quite painful and I decided to examine myself and just like Akat055 stated I had a tiny hair caught in the hole. I removed and felt tons better
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I don't know but I am having the same symptoms. Mine will come and go several times a year. But I am not sexually active?? I'm 15
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I've had a few of he barth glands mentioned. They were not on my clterous, this is not where they are located...

Look for yeast infection( contact with wet for a few hours or days?)

and look for hairs.

Are you sick? There are other infections too, but examine, and use yeast cream and look for a change soon( overnight)

then consult doctor or clinic.

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