I'm getting pretty chubby and I've tried dieting, and cardio but I just have no motivation. What should I do?


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Jessica Lee answered

I agree with the commenter above me. In my own personal experience losing 30 pounds, taking it slow is the best way to success. Slowly change your diet to less processed foods and more fruits, vegetables and lean meats.

Allow yourself the occasional treat, if you forgo it completely it'll just cause you to binge like crazy later.

Drink more water, sometimes it's hard to do, but drinking water helps clean toxins out of your system and helps you lose weight.

I personally had better luck changing my diet, than with exercise. But I found that if I found things I enjoyed, I was much more likely to stick with it, especially if at first, they did not appear to be something overly difficult. For me this included riding my bike, walking the dog for several miles or playing Zumba on my Wii...which surprisingly makes you sweat like crazy.

Over time you will build up more stamina and be able to do more. You just have to work up to it. I hope this helps you get started and good luck!

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Try running or jogging in the morning. This works the best. You can also take up swimming it works out perfectly. Cycling is another good exercise.

Remember the key to losing weight is motivation, determination and focus. Keep measuring ur waist or weight every week. This will keep u focused. Set a goal eg to fit in on of ur old jeans.. That will keep u determined. Keep motivating ur self.. Everything will work out just fine.

I have been fat and now am ripped after 6 months. Hope this helps. :)

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If you're finding it hard to stick to a diet, if you're finding you aren't that motivated...the key is to


Don't try to do everything at once, make SMALL changes here and there.

Try replacing your breakfast for instance as a start...

Or try eliminating one of your unhealthy snacks you usually eat...

If that seems like to much, then try replacing *1 element* from your breakfast...like instead of eating a large 350 calorie muffin, try a smaller 200 calorie muffin.

Make gradual changes until they become habit.  When they do, start adopting more healthy habits and over time things will begin to snowball.

Also, like showering, you need to get your motivation DAILY.

Watch motivational Youtube videos that get you pumped up about dieting every single day...


Also, post up pictures around you and on your desktop of your ideal body...

Couple this all with the right diet/exercise plan and you'll see results.

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