When Did I Conceive Approximately? My Due Date Is July 19th


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An average pregnancy is considered to be 40 weeks and ranges from 37-42 weeks.  Counting back 40 weeks from July 19th would put your conception around -

October 19th of 2008
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Pregnancy normally lasts 40 weeks most people go about 36 but the doctor would add this onto the date of your last known period. Take 40 weeks of 19th July
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Well thats my due date 2 n I know that I only slept with my partner once which was the 19th n my last period was the 12th oct hope that helped xx
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We conceived on the 24th of june and I gave birth smack bang on the 24th of february but the hospital said my due date was the 19th of march,I've found that my monthly's are shorter and longer some 28 days and some 21 days but I only have them for like 2 days a lot of the time and I'm clock work with mine always have been,we knew when we fell with 2 of our kids as we both remarked the following day how something felt different from the night before when we'd had sex,you can feel it if your aware of your body
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Sometime in oct. If you can remember when your period was back in oct. This is easy if you have regular period, you more then likely got pregnant around 5 days from the time you started or from the time you ended or even during. So lets say you always get your period around the 6th of each month, you problably got pregnant anywhere from the 1st to the 11th of that month. Hope the answer helps.

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