In the summer, how do we protect our eyes?


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Rachel Moffat answered

Well not just glasses because people seem to think that the $5 fashion shades actually are sun glasses but they offer no protection at all I suggest investing in a good pair of sunglasses I personally got polarised because I found them to be so much better in the bright sun when driving and at the beach.

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Sonya P. answered

Wearing sunglasses.

ankit choudhary Profile
ankit choudhary answered
In this summer you can protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses
If you wear sunglasses then dust can’t go into your eyes wherever you stay. 
Besides this, you should wash your eyes twice in summer days.

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Maddie Young answered

Sun glasses help.  You can wear a hat or a visor.  Also don't look at the sun, or bright lights.

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