Do farts kill brain cells?


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There is no evidence to suggest that farts kill brain cells.  After all, farts are pretty much made up of methane.  Imagine how braindead cattle-farmers would be after being around all those farting cows all day if farts really did kill brain cells!

On the contrary, holding in farts can actually be pretty detrimental to your health.  Some of the minor ailments of trapped gas include indigestion, bloating, and heartburn, while more major issues such as increased blood pressure and heart rate may also occur. 

Holding gas in every so often won't do you any harm, so I'm not advocating that you start passing wind in enclosed spaces unless you really have to.  At the same time, you shouldn't always hold gas in as you may experience some pretty nasty side effects.

Interesting facts about farts

  • The average person will pass gas around 15 times per day.
  • Women fart just as much as men, although they'll rarely tell you that this is true.
  • The Yanomami tribe from South America consider farting a greeting.
  • Farts are flammable, and have been known to cause burns to people trying to set them on fire.
  • People who hold their farts in all day tend to release them all when they sleep.
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Firstly what exactly is a fart?

A fart is a combination of trapped air we swallow, whilst eating and drinking, but also air caused by gas that has seeped into our intestines through our blood as well as chemical reactions in the intestines/bacteria in our gut.

Why do farts smell?

Farts smell because of the sulfur in them, which in our farts comes in the form of Hydrogen Sulfide gas, which is only around 1% of our farts! Farts are mostly nitrogen, 59% in fact! The rest is 21% hydrogen, 9% carbon dioxide, 7% methane and 4% oxygen.

Why are farts flammable?

You'll have seen many videos of people lighting their farts and hilarity ensuing, usually when it goes horribly wrong and they end up burning their backside. Farts actually burn because of the flammable gasses in them - Methane and Hydrogen!

Don't hold in farts

We all know it feels good to let one rip, and most certainly doesn't feel good to hold it in but did you know the average human produces around half a liter of farts a day? Some doctors say that holding farts in is not good for you and can cause bloating and other uncomfortable symptoms an in the worst case hemorrhoids or a distended bowel. You don't want that do you.

Do farts kill brain cells?

In short no, farts are natural and only contain 7% percent methane, only any damage could come if you farted hundreds of times and breathed literally all of it in. There is simply not enough methane in farts for it to be harmful to humans.

Check out this video to learn more interesting facts about farts!

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