Can green stools be a sign of colon cancer?


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No, it's usually caused by something you ate or drank. I have intestinal cancer and I don't have green stools. It's just something you are eating.

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Rooster is correct, it's probably something you've eaten, however, it may also indicate coming gallbladder trouble. If it doesn't clear up, pay a visit to your doctor to be sure everything is alright!

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Green stools are not usually indicative of colon cancer.  The most common symptoms of colon cancer include passing mucus with your stools, blood in your faeces, a feeling of still needing to go to the toilet after you've finished, abdominal pain, and bowel habit changes.

What causes green stools?

  1. Bile production by the liver can lead to green stools.  Bile is a green liquid that helps with digestion, but green stools can indicate that food has passed through the intestine more quickly than usual.  When this occurs, the stool hasn't had chance to change colour from green to brown.
  2. Food dyes are another common cause of green stools.  Drinks such as blue Gatorade, blue ice lollies, icing, candy etc. Can all contain large amounts of food colouring that leads to green stools.
  3. Fruits and vegetables such as blueberres, kale, and spinach have been known to cause green stools.  This is especially the case if large amounts of these vegetables are consumed.
  4. Other medical conditions that can cause green stools include celiac disease, food poisoning, Chron's disease, ulcerative colitis, and bacterial overgrowth.

It's highly unlikely that green stools are indicative of colon cancer, but if you are experiencing this on a regular basis you should seek the advice of a medical professional who will be able to assist you further.

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