What are some foods that fill you up but are low in sugar and fat?


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Protein, plant or animal - this the primary source of food that will fill you up and stop you being hungry. 


Lentils and beans.  

Whole grain carbohydrates - especially whole grain varieties of pasta, couscous and rice. Quioea is really good as it has the most protein in any carbohydrate.  

Oat-based carbs are good 

Diary and Milk drinks 

Sugar-free chocolates and cakes 

Adkins advantage products are a good alternative that are low in sugar. 

Look up Low GI diet on the internet.  It helps to control spikes of sugars in the blood that lead to overeating and low energy levels

Soups and stews/casseroles are good to keeping you full for longer.  

Drink loads of water and make sure you have enough protein 

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Ian Barnfield answered

Proteins are good, yes, but please don't be afraid of the fats! Fat gets a bad rap, and it's undeserved. It gets lumped in with sugar, and this is totally misguided. If you're wanting to feel full (satisfied) but not be putting on weight (or you want to lose weight) then cut out the carbs, grains especially, and wheat most of all - and eat plenty of fats. Fats will make you feel full - pleasantly full, not bloated. 

That's a terribly simplified version, and I really suggest learning more about it  if you want to look and feel great - and without making yourself feel hungry and miserable!

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