Why is laughter such an important part of life?


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Well think of it this way: so you're having a bad day and things don't go quite as well as you hoped then maybe by someone you know makes a funny face to try to get you to laugh or says something that may tickle your funny bone you begin to feel a little better now don't you? Laughing is like a dose of medication that we all need through out the day! It's always good to get in a good laugh.

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Great answer, thanks lzzy!
chris smith
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Laughter is the best medicine.It has been proven to be beneficial in the recovery of people dealing with cancer. It just feels good to laugh. You don'want to be that miserable person that brings everybody down.A couple 3 Stooges episodes, and I'm good.
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Laughter is very good for us, it improves blood pressure, can reduce pain, simulate the organs and support our immune system.

Stress hormones relax when we laugh, which means that laughter could actually help to prevent diseases like cancer and HIV.

Laughter is infectious, and it helps to bond us. How many times have we found something funny and a total stranger laughs too. Suddenly you are talking to that person as if you have known them for years, it's easy because you are both happy from the laughter 'drug'.

It's important that we learn to laugh at ourselves too, if we 'loosen up' we will be far less stressed, a much nicer person and will automatically attract people to our happy personality.

Without laughter in the world I dread to think what a boring place it would be. I love to watch a good comedian on television, some of them can make me cry with laughter and afterwards I feel I have had a real workout because I have laughed so hard. It's a fantastic feeling and one I can't get enough of! :-)

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