I tore an ankle ligament in May 2013 and in July of 2014, I sprained the same ankle again. After these incidents, my ankle randomly hurts as I'm walking. If I stand up for too long, I feel dull pains. Do you think my ligament is permanently damaged?


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Hi Kioyre,

It's really likely that you have permanently damaged ligaments in your ankle. I broke my ankle and tore ligaments at Christmas 2012 and I can't stand up for long periods of time now without getting the same dull pain that you describe. It sucks! If the pain is too bad, see your doctor - they may be able to help with physio or something.

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Yeah, I did physiotherapy for several weeks (even on birthday, which was hell) after my first sprain. It was super boring! Just thinking about going back to physio makes me cringe. There were mostly elderly people there and I can't stand them. Thank you very much though!
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Not permanently anyways, it's possible you'd have to resort to surgery or therapy. There were a couple years where I thought I had weak ankles, cause I kept reinjuring them.

But they got better during a long vacation from soccer, and I haven't problems since. Except for the occasional overworking out.

Rest is important. Rest can also help prevent problems.

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Thank you very much for your answer! I try resting my ankle for a few intervals every day and I do my own sort of therapy at home, but as a young adult, I'm very active. I play sports such as baseball and kickball, so I run quite a bit. Hopefully surgery wouldn't be my portion, and I have already had a case of physiotherapy a while ago.

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