Does anyone have any effective bodybuilding tips?


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After watching my Brother work out and compete with Arnold, Lou and others the biggest thing here is don't ever quit. If this is your dream stay on a reasonable schedule. No pain-no gain is a farce, so back off when you experience pain and talk to a GNC store near you for power shakes and things that can help you build bulk which is turned into muscle .  

Don't quit!  Merry Christmas

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Yeah, I actually have quite a few realistic body building tips that might help you on your mission to become a mean lean muscle machine:

  1. Find the right gym.
    If you're serious about bodybuilding, you need to be in an environment that is right for you. You'll want to look forward to going to the gym, even if it's a freezing cold rainy Monday morning.

    Waiting ages for equipment, overcrowding, poor levels of cleanliness, the wrong type of weights, spin classes block booking the entire gym... These are just a few things that can make going to the gym suck.

    It doesn't need to be the most expensive gym or the trendiest one in town, but it's worth trying a few.

    Also, journey time is a big factor for a lot of people. If you have to drive for 30 minutes to work out for 40 minutes each day, that doesn't make much sense.
  2. Get a gym buddy.
    I don't know if it's just me, but when it comes to working out, the number one hurdle is motivation. When you have a buddy who is super-enthusiastic, that can be a real boost.

    Also letting them down by not showing up can add extra pressure for you to get up and go.
  3. Music.
    Find music you like, and prepare it in advance. It can really kill your rhythm if you're trying to engineer a Spotify playlist on your iPod in between reps.
  4. Eat right.
    This is an interesting point because there's so much literature out there about what you should eat to get ripped, and all these supplements and protein shakes etc probably do work to an extent - but the Ancient Greeks also enjoyed bodybuilding and they didn't have power bars or blenders.

    I think the main thing when it comes to diet is to keep it sensible. Protein is crucial for building muscle, so plan meals with plenty of protein for after your workout.

    Vegetables and fruit will give you all the vitamins you could possibly need, and I would personally steer clear of too many artificial ingredients.

    The one "stimulant" that really worked for me is coffee. Black, one sugar, before a workout - it gives you a pep boost, is readily available anywhere, and it's probably not too bad for you in moderation.

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oming up with your perfect bodybuilding workout program and diet to
match can seem like quite the process. You have to plan how many days a
week you're going to workout, what exercises you will include in your
program, how long your rest periods will be, how many reps you should
perform for each exercise, and on and on it goes. 

Many individuals do tend to feel slightly overwhelmed with the
amount of information available out there as to what works 'best', and
therefore take more time than they should to even get going.

You always must remember that half the battle is just getting
started, so avoid going into too many details that are just going to
hold you up from playing the game.

Bodybuilding Tips For Results

Tip 1: Focus On Lifting More Weight Over Time Tip 2: Go One Rep Short Of Failure Tip 3: Only Perform Exercises That Work At Least Two Muscle Groups At Once Tip 4: Fuel Your Body Right Before And After The Workout Tip 5: Never Go More Than Two Weeks Without A Change Tip 6: Remember Rest Is Required

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To build natural muscle successfully, you need to take into account three primary factors:

  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation

Miss any one of these elements and you’ll be seeing less than maximal results. Let’s walk you through each of these factors so you can fully understand the requirements each presents.

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