I heard that people are still getting the flu from the flu shot, but I need a flu shot. Should I get one?


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People don't get the flu from the flu vaccine. What happens, is before flu season, scientists determine what the most prominent strains of the flu are going to be for that year a develop a vaccine for those strains. Sometimes, they miss. Other times they get it right, but the strain of the virus will mutate making the vaccine ineffective.....therefore, people get sick.

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Yes, this seasons strain of the flu the vaccination is only going to be 50% chance of protecting you from getting the flu so yes you are right. It's up to people whether they want take chance to get the vaccination or not. I've never got the vaccine because I never gets the flu. I really think with all the money the government has can't they come up with a better flu vaccine than risk a outbreak of the flu?

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