Does Coca Cola have alcohol in it?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

No it doesn't but is loaded with sugar and caffeine and substances that can eat rust off a car's bumper and do some other very strange things. Merry Christmas

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Billy Bar answered

I don't think so, but a looooooooooooooot of sugar :)

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In 2012 it was reported that both Coke and Pepsi do contain tiny traces of alcohol. This was claimed to be one of the reasons why the drink was seemingly so addictive. The research was conducted and published in France. These tests procured results that demonstrated at least half, if not more, of shelved cans contained tiny strips of alcohol.

The alcoholic content, however, is extremely low. It totals to about 0.001%

All things considered, it is very unlikely that this would be any cause for concern, due to the fact that its content is so low. There are certainly other components of cola that may be deemed harmful when taken in large doses, but the alcoholic content is not high up on the list of concerns.

If you're concerned about drinking Coca Cola for ethical reasons due to its alcohol content, I think the same principle can apply: the amount of alcohol actually present in Coke is so low that it is negligible. 

If you are going to stop drinking Coke because of its alcohol content though, then I'd suggest doing research into other popular food and drink items, as its highly likely that Coke isn't the only product to contain alcohol-traces.

I hope this helps

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Kyle Martin ,, answered

No. But there were reports that they used to have some tiny amount of alcohol in the past. Nobody has proved it yet.

But don't worry, there a lot of sugar and caffeine mixed with carbonated water. An Indian Yoga guru has even described it as the perfect Toilet Cleaner.

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