What is Abs?

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Abs is nothing other than your belly portion. In fitness world, abs is divided in to 2 parts lower abs and upper abs. Honestly speaking abs is the most difficult body part to bring to shape.

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Abs is related to abdominal exercise.It is divided into two parts.Lower abs and upper abs.
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Abdominals (Abs) are the muscles around your stomach area. However, I would personally say that it is definitely possible to at least come close to getting six pack abs for anyone. Actually, not everyone can get the six pack look. No matter how low body fat they achieve. They will see muscle definition in the stomach, but only thick waisted people would have the six pack look. Prefer supplements like hgh for bodybuilding. It's a very helpful product to get six pack abs and the best thing about this is that it's natural and does not cause to the body in any way.
Get Your Abs to show: 
Drop Your Calorie Intake By 500. You'll never see your lower abs if you're carrying too much body fat. Your midsection will always be hidden behind a layer of fat, regardless of how many core exercises you do. To truly get that V-line to show, you need to get lean.

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