Is crying a good thing? It just feels good to cry. You know what I mean?


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Angela Anthony answered

Yes I know what you mean! Crying is a good outlet for emotion, for me anger is a big one, stress is another, and just outright sadness. Not good to keep all that bottled up, sometimes it helps to talk to someone, but crying let's it out without having someone judge you.....that's if that someone doesn't see you doing it!

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Raven Mouse answered

Crying is good. Letting out your emotions can make you physically and mentally healthier. I have an anxiety disorder and depression but instead of nearly bursting into tears every hour, I find that if I cry for a few minutes I feel better for the rest of the days. I have a best friend that I let cry on me and she also agrees that every now and then a good, deep, cry can relieve so much stress.

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