What would happen if somebody went two days without taking a bath or showering?


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If someone didn't take a bath or a shower in 2 days they would smell most likely. People would try to avoid them unfortunately. 

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When I was overseas, it was three weeks sometimes before you could take a quick shower. I would say that you would call it "ripe". Not something I want to experience again. Pretty bad.

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I usually have my bath twice daily, I just can't imagine not having my bath for two days, I'd smell very bad and sweaty. If you live in a cold place and naturally smell good, no one will even notice you haven't had a bath especially if you top it off with some body spray. If you unfortunately live in a hot place like me, you're smell will kill people, everyone will avoid you, the smell of sweat and other stuff will be way too overwhelming.

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There isn't a great deal that would happen if someone didn't bathe or shower for two days.  They may begin to smell a little bit if they're susceptible to body odour, but two days really isn't long enough to notice a great deal of change. 

That being said, here are some of the more common problems that can arise from poor hygiene:

  • Body odour - one of the most noticed issues with personal hygiene.  It's not very nice to be around someone who hasn't washed in a while.
  • Bad breath - not brushing your teeth can cause some pretty horrific dental issues, and bad breath can be a sign that poor hygiene is taking place.
  • Skin issues such as acne - a lack of personal hygiene can lead to blocked pores and oily skin, which in turn can cause acne and other skin conditions.

It's really important to try to maintain a high level of personal hygiene.  Even if you're not too concerned with keeping clean, other people will certainly appreciate you more if you don't smell.

Two days isn't really enough time to notice too much of a difference, but there could be a few people wondering who hasn't used deodorant that day!

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