What are the reasons why the modern generation is unfit and unhealthy?


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When you think back in time, about other generations they have been much active and fitter than the current ones. So, why are the modern generations not? 

Well, firstly advances in technology here plays a huge part, since children and teenagers and young adults are paying more attention to devices such as phones, more often. This way they spend longer on unnecessary actions than they actually do being active or exploring different opportunities. 

Another clear reason, is the advertisement, selling and production of unhealthy foods. These include: Fizzy drinks (carbonated drinks), crisps, chocolates, sweets, junk, fast foods... And many more. The problem about these edibles is the fact that their content is different from how they may look or taste. They contain preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavourings, and other chemicals we are oblivious towards. Many are aimed towards teenagers and children because they're an easy target- meaning more health problems and unhealthy lifestyles are being led.

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