How long will it take Niacin to flush out your body of methamphetamines? How will the test show up if someone took 1000 mg of niacin 7 hours before?


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Usually meth is detected in very negligible amount in blood after 48 hours. It usually excreted  through kidney within 24 to 48 hours. And there is no specific antidote that flush meth from your body. But maintaining hydration and taking as much as fluid is the key to excrete as much meth as possible early.

Meth metabolism half life is around 10 hours and excretion time up to 48 hours for abusers. It can be prolonged in chronic abuse of meth. How long have you been using it?

So wait for 2 to 3 days to become meth free in your blood concentration.

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So basically you need to drink lots of fluids to get it out of your system
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Would drinking 12 gallons of water last night and 4 this morning excrete the math from you're system if it was done the night before last?
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Yea you don't want overdose on Water cause that can happen but yes that's a good plan drink plenty of water

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