I have a really sore throat and this is the 5th day out of school and I have tried cough drops, honey, aspirin, and this really nasty red liquid. What should I try next?


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Hi Hailey and i'm sorry you don't feel well. I agree with DWW and Autumn. I think it's time to see a Doctor, especially if nothing else is working. Feel better soon (:

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After 5 days of "self treating" with no improvement, it's time to see a doctor.....you may have strep throat and antibiotics are the only thing that's going to help that. If left untreated, it could get much worse for you. In the meantime, try some hot tea with lemon and honey, gargle with warm salt water, hope you feel better! :)

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Yes you could have strep throat also did you try gargling with warm salt water ?

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I just got over a nasty sore throat. Gargling with listerine would help it feel better for a little bit. I also tried taking shots of Apple cider vinegar. I think it worked, but I couldn't handle the taste enough to gargle it. I took honey by the spoonfuls and it half worked for making the pain go away. I mostly took ibuprofen to help it not hurt while I was sleeping. My favorite cough drop is Ricola's original cough drop. Also Sucrets sore throat and cough lozenges. But I agree with everyone else on going to the doctor if it could be strep. My sore throat only lasted 3-4 days. Hope you feel better soon.

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Some people recommend tea or soup, but in my expierience tea is too dehydrating because of the heat. If soup works for you that's fine, but try to stay hydrated.

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