Should marijuana be legalized in all states in the u.s.a.? Please elaborate.


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I think it should be legal for the Tax revenue alone. Here in California, it's legal for medicinal purposes and I have a card and a prescription. It's been a big help to me for pain and sleeping. I have Intestinal cancer which can be quite painful at times and the alternative meds I take can really make me sick and in a bad mood. After reading all the medical benefits and also the downsides of it, I think if it was legalized , the use of alcohol would decrease dramatically. How many car accidents and deaths have you read about from Marijuana? But everyday, many people die from cigarettes and alcohol related things. Let's say it's the very least of the three evils. This site I'm putting here has some really good insights in legalization. Just the tax revenue alone is boosting the states who have legalized.

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