I've recently come on my period but the blood is very dark and quite heavy. It has lasted 11 days now and there is no sign of it stopping any time soon. What should I do? I am 21


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Women's cycles generally last from about 3-7 days.  Yours seems rather long--did you have a change in medication or other change in your life that might have caused this? 

If you had a change in medication around the time this happened you should contact the healthcare provider who changed your medication. 

Otherwise, you may want to contact your healthcare provider and talk to them about this problem.  There are medications they can give you to stop the bleeding and then regulate your cycle afterwards to ensure it is shorter and more manageable.

If you do not have insurance/cannot afford to go to your healthcare provider contact your local Planned Parenthood, reproductive clinic, or free clinic.  They can examine you and help determine what the possible cause is for free/reduced/sliding fee.  If they are unable to help you they can refer you to someone who can.

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