Can anyone help me figure out a sketchy medical situation please?

I really don't want to get into the whole detail, but I think I may be pregnant, based off of extreme pressure on my uterus and whatnot. Etc etc you get the point. And also I took a test over a week ago  and it was negative. 

Any who, I went to the OBGYN to test. It was a simple pregnancy test that you would get at the store. I took it and the woman took it back. Next thing I know, the woman is quiet and calls another woman in to look at it. Lots of whispering I hear one nurse go "Should we give her a blood test?" And the other one goes "we can't, it's against our laws " and the nurse comes in and tells me it came back negative BUT to come back in 2 weeks. Also she made sure to mention that it was against the law for them to even get me to take a pregnancy test because I did not miss a period (I didn't have a period. I spotted and they still called that a period because it's still blood.

What's going on? Me and my friends think that it was possibly a very very faint positive and they may want me to come in in 2 weeks so it boldly shows up. I am confused of what is going on. Can someone help?


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John Doe answered

Those type of pregnancy tests rely on a hormone level that's only present when someone is pregnant. Wait two weeks and take a test again, if you're pregnant, the hormone levels will be high enough to detect.

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I reckon there is a good chance you are pregnant. I have always been told that a blood test is the only way to get a 100% accurate answer & I was not at that party!!

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Welcome to the real world where you fool around, there are consequences for every action. Some we may want while others change our whole world around. 

The only way to know for sure here is to visit your Dr as this could be a false pregnancy and not the real deal. You have sex without protection and if not this time, your luck will run out and you will become a Mom real quick. Even by asking this question  on here tells me that you aren't ready to be having sex yet anyway. So either way I hope you have learned a valuable lesson here and will be more careful in the future. Good luck

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K. B. Baldwin answered

As an aside - where do you live.  It being illegal to give you a pregenny test seems a little odd. 

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The pregnancy may not be far enough along to register as pregnant.  Another 2 weeks will allow the pregnancy to further progress & the hormone level will be high enough to register.  I know your excited to know, but be patient!!!  :)

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