Why are women catty to each other? Like a lot of times it seems that women are jealous of each other and I'm a woman too so you'd think I'd know this, I'm just needing more on this subject.


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It depends on where they place their importance.  If it placed in status, then arises competition.  Things which become important are husband status,  clothes, job, childrens schooling etc. In order to feel superior they brag or demoralise basically (gossip).  I do not get along with women like this because some of the values they hold ie designer clothes appears superficial.  Again attaching other peoples accomplishments to yourself makes no sense to me. So it becomes more of an act, a show if you will, and as fascinating as it is to watch (my sister is one) the agony these people put themselves through I have no interest in it, it can become quite nasty.  My female friends are supportive of eachother and easily admit fault for which we have a good chuckle. Therefore there is no competition which allows us to bond. We bond through the struggles we have and the honesty we share, we are not out to compete.

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