What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I have what looks like two jagged stripes on my back that people are always asking me about as they stay white colored as I tan during the Summer. They were caused by hot shrapnel from rocket rounds courtesy of the NVA.

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Taylor Brookes answered

I have an odd scar on my forehead shaped kind of like a lightning bolt from when I was a baby and Lord Voldemort tried to kill me with the Arvada Kadavra curse.

I am joking, of course.

No, my real scars aren't that interesting. I have one that looks kind of like a tiny dent on my side/ribs, one that looks just like a tiny smudge on my nose, and I have no idea how I got either of them, they've been there since I can remember. As for injuries, I have a little white line cutting into one of my eyebrows - I think I walked into a wall or fell down some stairs, the same kind of thing on my bottom lip as well, again could have been a wall or stairs, and one on the side of my middle finger which I sliced open when I tried to open a fridge... That's probably the weirdest.

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I have scars I'm not proud of, some that showcase stupidity, and others I don't know why they are there. There are even emotional scars (which are affecting me the most and you can see the outcome..) I don't wish to speak of them, so.. I'll tell you a stupid story ;3

We were heating up water in a huge pot one day, it had been boiling. I took it off of the stove to carry it over to the sink to pour it out (it was only half full). When I attempted to do this, I almost dropped the pot so my instinct was to catch it on my leg... It didn't fall and I was able to regain my grip on it but because it had scalding hot water and it was metal... I got a pretty bad burn under my knee and it left a scar ;3

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Woof Woofy answered

I do have a scar about the size of your thumb imprint above my knee joint. I bashed my leg on the side of my bed frame causing a big gouge,

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