Can nocturnal seizures kill you because I have nocturnal seizures?


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Maurice Korvo answered

I had nocturnal seizures until they were finally controlled. You CANNOT swallow your tongue!!! It is attached! That is an old wives tale. But you can bite your tongue, which is very painful for days after. And if you are alone there if a possibility you could fall off the bed and hurt yourself, or you could choke on your saliva. 

See a doctor and find out what is causing these seizures, and get them controlled.

Cheryl Hackett Profile
Cheryl Hackett answered

I think anytime you have a seizure, it is potentially dangerous & could possibly cause death.  I can see why it may be a little more dangerous at night, due to the fact that you are sleeping when the seizure occurs & you aren't aware of the onset or aurora for a pre-warning of the seizure & can't prepare yourself, (sit down or lay down etc...)

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