What are some of the benefits of vaping?


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Rusty Shackleford Profile

Zero health benefits.  only benefit over smoking is it won't stink up your house or clothes.

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Joyce Hall answered

I like the national in control day. I feel more in control with my fears and anxieties and my fears and anxieties have Control over Me.

We take care of each other.😁

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carol brown answered

The benefits of vaping is not clear
on human but yes it has advantage over cigarettes- No
More Bad Breath, No Ash, No Flame, Alternative to Smoking, free from tobacco, No
Social Stigmas and Saves Money.

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Jason Gomez answered

Traditional cigarette pollutes the environment and is harmful to both the smokers and nonsmokers around them. Vaping minimizes the harm by reducing your exposure to tobacco and lowering production of smoke to the environment. One cigarette contains over 4000 chemicals which include 400 toxic chemicals harmful to human health and 43 carcinogenic compounds. The chemicals range from arsenic to formaldehyde. However, vaporizers reduce or even eliminate all the chemicals.

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While vaping is still another
addiction, the benefits of using a vape pen are many in comparison to smoking
tobacco. For example, the vapors from an e-cig do not contain nicotine and
combustible toxins. Additionally, numerous studies have shown that switching
over to a vaporizer
pen from tobacco has helped reduce or
even stopped chronic coughing and also reduced or ended other common health
issues associated with cigarettes.

Look, I think we can all
agree that people don’t smoke anything for nutritional purposes, so I’m not
going to say that vaping is healthy. But considering the alternative, it’s the
much better and safer option.

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Lee Good answered

Well, the pros of vaping are:

  1. Staying off the stinkies
  2. Gaining your health back
  3. Feeling better
  4. Saving money
  5. More variety

Here is a great forum to look through (and register) to find all the necessary info and join the vaping community https://www.vapingforums.com/ . Best of luck!

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David NU answered

Vaporizers are a good and healthy way to consume CBD oils, waxes and dry herbs by eliminating harmful byproducts you get when inhaling smoke.

Vaping may be a bit tricky to find out how much you are getting with each puff you inhale because different variables come into play, including the type of vaporizer you are using, the amount of CBD in the cartridge itself and how long your puffs go for.

There are many benefits that vaping provides from quitting smoking to treating many health problems. Here are some Top Isolate Vaping Product recommendation by CBD Vape genius

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Hanna Whilson answered

Though there are people who say that vaping is dangerous for the human body, I think, it is better to vape than to smoke cigarettes. From my own experience I can say that vaping is really helpful in quitting smoking. Thanks to my Herbva Nokiva dry herbal vaporizer I finally succeeded and gave up smoking nicotine cigarettes (it is possible to find out about it here). Also we all know that medical marijuana was proved to help people who suffer from pain, anxiety, stress, etc. And vaporizers allow to use it in different ways. So, in my opinion, vaping has many benefits.

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