What's a good way to relieve a bad back? My boyfriend has back problems and I'm always giving massages to help him, but is there anything else I can do to help or improve the massages?


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A good chiropractor will help alleviate back pain....do your research, ask around and see who comes recommended. Ice to the affected area, anti-inflammatory medication, tiger balm helps with a massage. Also, try the Dr scholl's orthotics, the ones where you scan your feet....put those in the shoes he wears frequently and they will assist him to walk properly and take the strain off his back. Good luck.

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Most of this depends on what the actual cause is, as like I broke my back in 4 places in a bad construction accident over 5 years ago and will never heal so I can't work or do much so I'm beyond medical science now. I would suggest seeing a Chiropractor to find out and they usually give massages too so he should try one and see what they do and teach you. 

Or try Acupuncture and see what helps and doesn't here.  But at least he will know what the cause is and adjust accordingly so as to enjoy life

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Stronger back and core muscles.

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I have a bad back too, I struggle w/ the pain everyday, all day long!!!  A heating pad or applying ice to the affected area, helps a lot.

You may want to try "Ben Gay" when you massage his back.  It's like an icy/ hot sensation & is very soothing!!!  When laying down on the couch or in bed, while laying flat on ur back, you should put 1-2 pillow under knees, to relieve the pressure on the lower back.  Take some Ibuprofen (Advil) for the pain & if needed, you can take 2 Tylenol in addition to the Advil, you won't be taking too much medication, if u take both, they are 2 different medications.

I hope this helps!!!

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Many researchers believe that stress can also make a person vulnerable to back trouble. Stress may trigger spasms in some people because unrelieved tension tightens muscles, resulting in back pain. Managing or eliminating sources of stress can help reduce the risk of back pain.

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