Which of your five senses would you say is your strongest?


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For me, it's touch.  I was teaching anatomy and physiology in a massage school a few years back.  I told the students that their sense of touch would develop to the point where they could feel a human hair under a piece of notebook paper.  One of the students wanted to test me.  I said that it was a trick, because there were 3 hairs under the paper.  They were all surprised.

From the age of 13, through undergrad, I worked with veterinarians.  I could find fleas on an animal, just by petting it.

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My common sense.  I actually have no sense of smell. Most people find it odd that while o have no sense of smell, I do have a sense of taste.

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Only my sixth

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Without a doubt it's my sense of touch.

When I touch somebody they go down. And they STAY down. >:-)

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Diva! I cannot say sight as I wear glasses, the others are good, but I don’t
really remember a time when I have surprised myself when it comes to my touch,
taste and hearing. It will hence have to be my sense of smell! I can actually
smell all types of food being cooked from where I am on the third flood of my
building and it’s pretty interesting!

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