My boyfriend wants to have his foreskin cloned, so he can be intact again. Please help, us?

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Tell him to just leave it alone. Don't mess with the willy.

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The foreskin is not cloned, its called foreskin restoration or foreskin expansion , the procedure has been known to be very painful.

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James Michener managed to do it The Source when one of his (ancient)  characters no longer wished to be a Jew, but even in fiction it was a painful process.

Then there was the story of the Texan whose 10 lb  baby boy weighed only 7 lb after being circumcised, but that doesn't help

Cloning would be an option, of course, but any kind of surgery that replaced the foreskin would be at best cosmetic. It wouldn't work the way he hoped, and it would be insensitive.

Maybe he could get it tattooed instead. Now THAT would be different.

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OMG!  Give me a break!

I think it's a lot more important to clone kidneys, livers etc... Before we start cloning foreskins!

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Sounds like Ouch ! Big risks for scar tissue and a potential for painful intercourse for him. Risks outweigh the benefits.

Just tell him to wear a condom and when he takes it off, he'll feel like a tiger :)

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We wouldn't have this problem if young boys were only circumcised under medically necessary procedures.

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