Can a torn hamstring be detected by an Xray or does it require an MRI?


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No, usually an X-ray will not detect it. From what I read an Ultra-sound or MRI is the best way to detect the problem and will give the Doctors the best way to repair it or give the best treatment for it. Very painful.

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I cheat if they have to do more than one body part. I take a xanax, the noise & tomb is hard to be in for long.
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Usually mine are for my head, so I take a 10mg Valium and a Promethazine.
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Ahhhh meds can be your best friend when needed. My dr gives me them to take 3 X a day I take maybe 5-10 a month to sleep
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The most an x-ray is able to detect is something broken of course and if there is any soft tissue swelling....and that isn't always clear....An MRI sounds warranted, I've had one and head first I went into "the tube" I thought to myself I want to see what's going on, so I opened my nose was almost touching the top of the tube, needless to say I shut them real quick! Just keep your eyes closed, not worth peeking!

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MRI but it won't be bad because it will be your leg so you'll be in legs only. Lucky you

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