A tooth is growing in the wrong place and it hurts. How can I soothe it a little?


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Matt Radiance Profile
Matt Radiance answered

Don't do anything, just visit a dentist as fast as you can.

Your condition needs a real professional check up without any homemade actions & beyond to explain or deal with it by opinions over a Q & A site.

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Moga Deet answered

Tylenol will help.  The pharmacy will sell clove oil or Anbesol, which you can rub on the gums.  Both work very well.

Akhila Ramesh Profile
Akhila Ramesh answered

You should go to a dentist. You possibly may need your teeth extracted. We aren't medical professionals who can really help you. I guess you could try taking a motrin though.

Jann Nikka Profile
Jann Nikka answered

Baby OraGel. Caution Caution Caution, its very powerful use a Q-Tip for control. Getting it on your tongue or lips will numb you for hours.

loise jot Profile
loise jot answered

You must contact to the best periodontist in your area. If the tooth grows at wrong place , then it may, change your personality as well look weired. Better to take the advise of periodontist.

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