How to treat fire burns naturally?


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Since ancient times, bee honey has been used for its healing properties. La Presse Médicale, a French magazine, reports that modern medical science is now beginning to rediscover honey’s healing powers. In a recent study, doctors experimented with the use of pure natural honey for treating burns and various types of flesh wounds. Honey was applied directly to the wounds and covered with dry sterile bandages. This dressing was changed every 24 hours. The results show honey to be outstandingly effective as a cleansing and healing agent. It kills most germs on contact and stimulates new tissue growth. La Presse Médicale concludes: “As it is simple and inexpensive, honey should be better known and added to the list of commonly used antiseptic products.”

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If the skin is closed, mustard or vinegar works great! They draw the heat out and it reduces inflammation and pain. Follow up with aloe vera flesh and cover with a dry bandage.

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