Are you a skinny person? What is your method for staying fit? (I know methods, I'm asking how you personally do it.)


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crow robot answered

I cant gain weight i have a high metabolism i stay active and i don't eat a lot,  on the downside i smoke cigarettes that kills my appetite but i dont reccomend you do that

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Jordan Marshall answered

I'm a skinny guy.

I eat a lot of junk, but I have a high metabolism. I also workout, occasionally... Mostly to gain more muscle, and I have abs too, I'd like to keep that ;)

Continue to eat right and exercise ♥

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Gena Lorainne answered

No carbonated drinks, no sweets, no eating after 7-8 pm + some workout.

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Holly DC
Holly DC commented
This may be a stupid question but is Seltzer OK? I get it has no calories or sugar so that is great. But is the carbonation itself not good?
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Roy Lovett answered

Yes, I am. I don't eat as much as I should, and that's why... I've always been skinny, but if I keep this up, I'll be underweight.

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Sane Mori answered

Yeah. I don't eat most days, so that's why. YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO EAT.

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Well, I used to be fat. But not anymore. I did a lot of exercise, yoga, dancing, practically 4 hours a day. I was very tired. After 4 month,  I lost weight about 15 pounds.

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Ignacio Sports , ignaciosports, answered

I am not fat.I am a fit person.Doing daily workouts and eating balanced food daily. I always avoid to eat junk and sugar based food.These few thing will helps a lot to keep me fit and healthy.

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