What body type is this? Muscular, looks like they have a big belly but it turns out that the belly has a ton of muscle on it? I have that and I don't like it, I've done ab workouts only to have a stronger core. What body type would you classify me as?


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You could just call your belly your molson muscle !!! That's also referred to as a beer belly but molson muscle sounds awesome :) and nothing walking  a half hour a day and drinking lots of Water can't Suss if you wanna  suss it :)

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Christian Leckey
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But I'm 15 and my belly isn't fat surprisingly, it's mainly the muscle that makes it look bigger then it really is. Plus I feel like my belly is higher then others.
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I understand :) I joke a lot in answers but probs shouldn't when serous :) you have allot of muscle on your abs but it's hidden behind a healthy layer of fat ... Completely normal at your age :) I promise you No one notice is it but you and you will grow out of it :) no worries mate :) just stay of the beers eh ? When legal :) cheers
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Does it matter? You are who you are, and you can't do anything about it.

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Christian Leckey
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Then why do people get plastic surgery? They changed themselves to look uglier in my opinion. They did something about themselves.
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Well, there's that. But people who do go through plastic surgery make themselves look like plastic.

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