How do I deal with being called fat in the 9th Grade? I'm a 15 year old boy in 9th Grade and I'm 5'9 and 196 pounds, so I'm pretty chubby haha. Popular girls (the cheerleaders) call me chunky. :(


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Luke Reine answered

Poor baby :c (I apologize if my attitude weirds you out, I'm a jokey guy ;p) I'll be serious here, you can't stop people from being mean to you, that's a given. What you can do is go about your day and ignore than (it's hard.) you seem like a great guy, really... I don't condone bullying, but if they say something about you, maybe have a comeback ready? :P

Actually, what I said might get you into trouble...

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Angela Anthony answered

Dealing with that type of negativity starts by accepting who you are, and not trying to be the way others think or say you should be. Shine it on! Confidence in yourself gives others confidence in you....and if it doesn't, leave those people be, they're not worth your time or trouble.

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