My doctor says I need a need a knee replacement anybody here go through that process, how much pain is it? I know it's a lot of rehab.


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

I have had both knees replaced now, one in 2003 and the other in 2011. The biggest thing is to remember start bending it as soon as you can and you will avoid their bending machines and a whole lot of Rehab and stay current with pain meds as its so hard to play catch up with pain.  The first one I was up and back to work in 2 months and the 2nd one in 6 weeks to construction so the more you do after surgery, the faster youll be back on your feet.  Good luck my friend

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PJ Stein answered

I have not personally gone through it, but have a friend who has had both replaced in the last year. His quality of life has gotten so much better! He is riding his Harley more and exploring the woods around his new home. I live half the country away so I cannot attest to the pain level, but my thought would be, aren't you already in pain? Why not go through a bit more short term to alleviate it for good?

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Rath Keale answered

Otis, two of my friends had this surgery recently.  One felt a lot of pain and the other didn't.  You will need help to get meals and drinks.

One was up and about in a few days and not regretting it for one minute.  I just went for a walk with her and she was going pretty quick with no pain at all.  I hope this goes well for you  please let us know when this happens.

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