I am 18 years old and I  came to know that I have a scoliosis in  cervico-dorsal region and also a secondary curve of scoliosis in upper dorsal spine. Now I have a headache almost all the time and I am also suffering from sore throat. Is this happening due to scoliosis. Please anybody answer me


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PJ Stein answered

You do not get a sore throat from scoliosis. The headache can be a from any number of things. If it showed up with the sore throat, i would be more inclined to think you are either dealing with allergies or the beginning of a cold. The headache can be from swollen sinuses and the sore throat fro the sinuses draining. Take a hot shower. The steam will loosen and gunk up in your sinuses and will help relax and relieve the headache. If it continues or gets worse go see your doctor.

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The sore throat and headache sound as though you may have a throat infection possibly even strep.  You need to see your doctor about that.

I'd suggest you talk to your Scoliosis specialist if you haven't already, pressure on the nerves can cause nausea and lightheaded feeling.  Nobody really knows what causes Scoliosis although it can be hereditary, it's though that perhaps a congenital weakness in the muscles around the spine can be the cause but that's not proven.

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