Why are so many young men frustrated with women? 


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Why are so many women frustrated with men?.....we're from Venus, you're from Mars!

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That translates as "Woman seeking a man .tips is the site that offers free information on the best websites for free dating"

Are we looking at a spammer? At least he didn't post a link to it.

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Because ... They are young, and haven't learned to just roll with it 

(whatever "it" is, that the woman is saying/doing)

Men think linearly ... Women think intuitively

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I can't speak for all men but the species known as the women seems to drive me absolutely crazy - that's why whenever I need some mental clarity I avoid at all costs.

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Wise man ;)
Didge Doo
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You sound like my grandson. He's 28 now and got married a couple of weeks ago, but he said, "Women do my head in." I know what he meant.
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I don' think frustrating behaviour is limited to gender .. It applies to both .. For obvious reasons. That is an individualistic tendency that results from conflict between two individuals .. Woman can be frustrated with other women and men .. As well as men can be frustrated with either sex.  Some people are simply challenging to say the least.

Frustration between men and women can arise from typical 'mating' rituals ... not because of their sex but because of conflicting personalities.

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Being older u have to respect women. They are not just your sex toy. Open doors for them , take them out to eat and yes the man always pay. And dont be a player

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When I was 21, I looked at girls as sex objects. But luckily I was a shy guy so I didn't go and mess the things.
Now I am 33 and still single. I think if I marry someone, I will be very affectionate man than most men. Because I have those qualities in high degree in my mind.

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