URGENT! I swallowed gum! I never even chewed on it yet and I only ever heard of cases where people chewed it first and then swallowed then they were fine but I didn't chew it so I swallowed it whole and now I have stomach pains. What do I do?


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Didge Doo answered

Same thing happened to Julius Caesar when he swallowed his gum. He called his soothsayer and asked if he was doomed but the sage shook his head wisely, as only sages can, and said, "This too shall pass."

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Lard Ass answered

You'll be fine, just avoid farting for a couple of days!

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I've done that so many times, and I was fine, I've started doing it on purpose, when there's no bins around.  (I also only have gun once every three months....)

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