How do I get rid of really bad razor burn that's over a year old and I haven't used a razor for about a year? I've been using hair removal cream since. It still won't go away.


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The Nair is probably irritating it. It's pretty harsh stuff.

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Tom  Jackson
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Absolutely. It turns out that if a male applies that to his scrotum, he'll wind up in the emergency room with chemical burns.
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And no, that's not a personal experience.
Ancient Hippy
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Glad to know that and I WAS wondering if it was from personal experience. Glad you cleared that up.
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I can't use Nair, it burns my skin. Best thing to do is stop using the Nair and let your skin heal, then use a sensitive skin shaving cream and a good sharp razor.

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Yep ! It's the Nair ! Stop using it for a while and let the skin heal and let your beard grow a bit. Then get a good gel shaving cream and get a good Razor and the problem will go away. I joined that Harry's Razor club and haven't had a better shave in a long time with not a bit of razor burn. Something to think about.

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