Is there an on line recent map that shows which countries currently have marijuana legalized?


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I didn't know it was legal up here in Canada.. Map says it is, but I don't think so.  I do know, if you try to cross the border into Canada, with marijuana (prescription or not) you will be ARRESTED. That prescription from California does not make it a prescription drug in Canada. 

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Ancient Hippy
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As in the US, are there any provinces that have legalized it in Canada?
Maurice Korvo
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Ontario was thinking of it, but not yet to the best of my knowledge. New Prime Minister Trudeau says he is going to legalize it, but its a problem. If Legalized it must be taxed, thus sold through registered outlets. How much will it be taxed? can you grow your own? how much can you have in your possession? Its a daunting problem
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Individual states down here are slow to adopt the legalization for those very reasons. Thanks.
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The only place I care about is California and then the rest of the U.S. They know how to tax it and regulate it. It's working fine in other states.

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