Is it true that a glass of red wine before bed will help a person lose weight?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

According to this article, it possibly can. There many pros and cons but read through this one and decide.

Wine can help you lose weight and nightly glass of red ...

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I never heard of that.

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Yes it is.. Recent studies have pointed out that wine can help diabetics and improve
your sex drive, but apparently, wine is also a great way to prevent
midnight munchies. According to Linda Monk, a 47-year-old woman who’s
lost 6 pounds in three weeks, the benefit of having a nightly glass of
wine is that the treat suppresses her cravings for unhealthy snacks like
“sweet, biscuits, and chocolate.” Instead, the moderate portion of wine
makes her feel sated without going to town on the late night eating.
Linda is gleaning advice from Tim Ferriss’s book: The 4-Hour Body: An
Uncommon Guide To Rapid Weight Loss. Ferriss champions the theory that
if you enjoy a little wine in the evening, you’re more likely to feel
satisfied and thus less inclined to give up on dieting. Red wine is
supposedly preferable to other snacks.

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Probably not. But you can get numerous health benefits if you drink a glass of red wine a day.

To know more about health benefits of red wine, I think you should read this article

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