What would the world be like without pain?


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Pain has always fuelled me and pushed me forward , Fueled me really , I don't know if that's a good thing or a healthy thing ..  But i am enamoured with pain :) I love all my pain , it pushes me forward:) I love pain .. Amour ;) 

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Without pain, we wouldn't know happiness.  Nothing would ever change because we wouldn't know any different.  Everyone would get along, and imagine how boring that would be!

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Pain is nature's way of telling us there is something wrong. There's a very rare ailment known as congenital analgesia which prevents people from feeling pain. It's very dangerous and they could easily become permanently impaired before realising something was wrong.

Emotional pain is another matter altogether. Sure, it'd be lovely if we could all be happy all the time, but even emotional pain can help us to have a better understanding of our friends, family, and even our own personalities. It shouldn't be confused with the trivial and temporary pain of somebody who gets "unfriended" on face book, or somebody whose BFF runs off with her BF.

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The thing about pain is it gives us prospective. Emotional pain lets us appreciate the good times. Physical pain lets you know whn there isn't something right with your body. Both are needed.

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Humans based on emotions and pain is part of it's pyramid. We would be so emotionless without pain. Whether physical or psychological as Didge once mentioned, Pain is an alert and the best way for us to know that something's wrong. Pain is our best friend, because they alert us with honesty and no expectations.

Every action has a reaction, if we don't feel pain, how can we know how does it feel to not have pain ? How we're going to be able to recognize it's differences, how can we learn to appreciate our none pain moments ? If we don't feel pain, everything will lose it's concept, we wouldn't recognize the bad things that happening, if someone trying to hurt or hurting us, and we wouldn't know if something is wrong.

The most important point is "No pain - No gain" if you don't feel the tears, blood and the pain you put and feel into a process of what you do to progress you wouldn't deserve to reach anything in life. Sweat,Suffer,Sacrifice. Pain is a friend that helps us to progress.

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Without pain we cannot move forward

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