Throughout the day you should be getting enough protein to ensure that your muscles develop?


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Louis Wright , Muscle Building: How You Can Get The Most Out Of It!, answered

It does not seem possible, or at least not probable, that the average user will muscle in the amount of 12 in 3 weeks. This claim seems to be a bit exaggerated. However, the program does seem to deliver plenty of rapid growth in the muscle area. It provides resources and methords that could really show results in a short amount of time, if followed closely. The calorie depletion and overload, of course, will need to be coupled with plenty of weight lifting and strength building workout programs. You will want to leave plenty of room in your schedule for working out when you use this program.It amazes me (and I used to do this so I have learned the hard way) how many people have no idea what they are going to do at the gym from day-to-day.All you need is a single dumbell - again, start with a light to moderate-weight dumbell to get an idea of how to do the exercise before you move up in weight.

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Sarah Anderson , A girl with fitness expertise, answered

It depends on your activity level. For example, if you're a body builder, you should have meals with protein 5 to 6 times a day, and the percentage of your daily protein intake to your weight should be nearly 1 gram to every lb. But if you don't do bodybuilding, this ratio should be much less.

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