I am 15 and a week ago I overdosed on ibuprofen (approx.2000 mg), don't ask why just be direct - what's gonna happen?


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Thanks to my Dutch friends (who gave me quad strength pills without warning me), I overdosed badly (by a factor of 4) on ibuprofen a few years ago. I got horribly hot and sweaty and came out with lumps all over my face and back, they itched like mad.

The paramedic who took a look at me told me not to do it again, and that I'd be OK in a couple of hours. He was right.

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I don't understand your question. What's going to happen legally to you? What's going to happen physically to you? What are you asking?

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If nothing has happened in a week, I doubt that anything will happen now.

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2000 mg is above the recommended dose for adults per day, unless the pain is acute. So You will be physically all right but you do need to ask yourself why you did such a thing. No one here can tell you that.

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That is not really a "Dangerous dose" but seeing as you were not aware of this, do not go doing the same thing with another medication. For instance, acetaminophen is much more toxic and much easier to OD on. Liver failure is a bad way to go.

And yeah its a week ago dont hold your breathe

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You could grow another head and start

talking to yourself. (Not)

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