Does Exercise at Home Good/Bad ? I am planning to buy a Treadmill and I am trying to do workout at Home. is it good for me or bad?


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Save your money go to a local school and jog on the track

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As long as you stick with it on a daily routine and eat a healthy diet, it should work out well for you. I see quite a few treadmills at garage sales so you might think about looking at some of those and you'll probably get a great price on one. I see a lot of exercise equipment at garage sales.

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It doesn't really matter whether you're doing exercise at home or at the gym, really. Personally, I don't think it makes a difference. At my house, we have a treadmill and a rowing workout machine (my dad used to row, but the machine is a REALLY good workout for stomach, arms, and legs), and both were really good. My mom and I sometimes still go outside to a track nearby our house and take a small jog or do some sprints. But really, treadmills work the exact same whether you're at home or at the gym, so it doesn't make a difference. Just when you're at home, you don't have to pay, have more privacy, and get more time to do your exercise. Anyway, hope this helped :)

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It is good. Whether in home or gym, it doesn't make no differences.

Just make sure the treadmill you buy for your house be sportive and pretty well original just like the ones in gym so it could take your weight and the pressure of running pretty well without getting broken too soon.

Also make sure to run onto the purpose. We have few aspects of running. If you over run and do overreact with what you do, instead of burning fat or calories you will burn your muscles down.

Make sure to follow a good program of diet according to what you wanna achieve with the treadmill. So your work be effective.

However, take this point that sometimes it's not that bad to go in gym and be communicative and socialize.  It's a good way to meet new people and make new friends.

I personally prefer to do it in home, more privacy, playing my favorite songs and movies along to do the work out with and so on but sometimes is not that bad to go outside and be with people.

Good Luck!

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Treadmills usually end up pushed into a corner of a room. I've seen quite few at my local landfill, I beginning to think they should be called " Landfillizers ". In the words of a comedian whose name I forget right now, they are a handy place to hang laundry on.

If you can make the commitment to use it regularly, I'd say go ahead and invest in one.

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Always follow your heart.

As for me I have everything I need.

Yoga for life. But only if you

want to live longer.

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Any exercise is good. I found having some exercise equipment at home worked well for me. I hate getting into the car to go exercise.

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Depends on the person.  For many years I've been riding a recumbent exercise bike at home.  Still do 9 times a week. In fact I killed my old bike and just had to get a new one a few weeks ago. 

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You can exercise anywhere you choose, be it a gym or in your own home, but what is needed is a proper routine. You need to follow a certain schedule and have to stick to it. Do not forget to eat healthy too.

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Any exercise is better than no exercise. Most home exercise equipment usually ends up obsolete. I did have a second hand eliptical trainer which I used till it broke.  I personally prefer to go outside, home equipment and gyms have always made me feel like a hamster on a wheel. I use to run over my local woodland, but now that I suffer osteoarthritis I walk instead but still love the fresh air, the scenery and wildlife and the break from built up areas and traffic. You meet some really great people too.

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Honestly it does not matter where you exercise as long as your exercising. Now you are wondering if you should buy a treadmill. It depends. If you want to run distance it is better to run outside or at a park on some running trails or the road. This being that you will push yourself a lot more and treadmills are more for setting a certain pace. Now if you are planning to work on sprinting treadmills are perfect for that case because you can work at a low number and slowly kick it up a notch for a certain amount of time. Treadmills are also good if you just want to get up and walk. Listening to music or setting a TV in the same room as your treadmill can really make walking sound more fun. : )

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