Are you stronger mentally or physically?


12 Answers

Tris Fray Potter Profile

Mentally; I have no physical strength whatsoever.  Thank goodness I have a fast metabolism!

hey cameron Profile
hey cameron answered

Mentally. I can be pretty tough mentally. Physically I'm scrawny and weak.

Bikergirl Anonymous Profile

Mentally .. For least most of the time .. I have to admit, there are moments of insanity here and there...days where I'm just happy to see that I am not wearing my underwear on top of my jeans.

Jann Nikka Profile
Jann Nikka answered

I'm neither, both equally weak.

ly fen chen Profile
ly fen chen answered

I am not physically stronger than my mentally, but I am normal,as I can do everything that I need and hope, except somethings very heavy.

About my mentality,I am not so stronger as well, but I can decide everything which is important when I have to do my decision. So by my mind, it depends on the social experiences and disciplining character that we have.

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