I'm underage, I want to get castrated and become gender neutral. Where I should go and what do I need to do before the procedure?


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PJ Stein answered

Since we don't know what country you are in it is hard to say. In the US being underage means it is not going to happen. Also you would need to talk to a psychologist before having such a surgery. Because it is permanent and a life altering surgery most if not all surgeons will not do such a surgery unless you have been confirmed to fully understand ALL the repercussions.

My best advice is for now find a psychologist to work with now and start saving your money so when you do become of age you are that far along.

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Join a monastery instead. Look  on the internet... There's lots of monasteries ready to take  young men who fit the way you feel, and you can contribute to mankind by doing good deeds at the same time.

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Tom Jackson answered

Being "gender neutral" is the least of the effects your orchiectomy will have on you.

You will also be asexual whether you wanted to be or not.

And you will also be without the hormone testosterone---which will result in all sorts of undersirable effects in your body, now and in the future.

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Don't do it, the lack of testosterone will cause you problems you probably did not think about - being low can cause depression, muscle aches, joint aches, insomnia - look up  "low T" symptoms, and you could get all of them.

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Yikes . . . It IS common knowledge that if you are underage, your brain is undergoing growth. Your brain will continue (Unless you have some physiological issue) to form and grow into your early 20's . . .Please wait until then to make any "Permanent" decisions, and then only after at least seeking council from a professional . . .

Undoing such a thing is a bit beyond our current technology, perhaps you simply embrace the ideology of the Gender neutrality first.

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