what are the most popular exercises?


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Cookie Roma answered

In my mind the best exercises are the ones you will do.  I mean say, running was the best exercise for a person but that person will just find all kinds of reasons to not do it, then it's just not that good of an exercise.  Personally, I have found that having an exercise bike in my home.  I do my work outs 9 times a week.  There may be other exercises that would be good (or even better) for me but this is something I'll actually do, and have been doing for years. 

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I tried running, but I kept spilling my wine...

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Depends on what one's goals are.

I am looking at increasing metabolism and gaining muscle while dropping body fat . . .

For me it is 35-40 minutes on the elliptical and then an 1- 1 1/2 hours of free weights targeting muscle groups . . . So far I have dropped about 25 pounds of fat and increased muscle tone and mass which increases my metabolism. 

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